Mission & Vision


On behalf of the Greater Boston community, the Esplanade Association works to restore and enhance Boston’s Charles River Esplanade.

In support of its mission, the Esplanade Association works to:

  • Preserve the historical vision and integrity of the Esplanade
  • Improve the Esplanade’s physical facilities, landscape and adjacent waterways
  • Enhance the Esplanade’s cultural, educational and recreational programs

The Esplanade Association’s mission is achieved through leadership, financial support, management assistance and advocacy in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and collaboration with other organizations that share a common vision or responsibility for the Esplanade.


The Esplanade Association is a dynamic and collaborative organization that works as a primary partner with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation to ensure the Charles River Esplanade is a world class park. This will be achieved when the Esplanade is fully and sensitively restored to creatively accommodate present and future uses, including active and passive recreation and cultural, environmental and educational programming.

The Esplanade Association intends to build bridges to the metropolitan Boston community by supporting outreach, facilitating volunteer opportunities, and encouraging responsible use of the Esplanade.


  • Healthy, Fit & Fun

    Healthy, Fit & Fun classes will begin July 7th and will be held every week, Monday through Thursday, until mid-September.

  • July 4th Update!

    We are seeking volunteers to help out at our Esplanade Summer Dock Party on Thursday, July 17th.

  • A Special Gift for Dad

    This Father’s Day surprise your dad by having flowers planted on the Charles River Esplanade in his honor.

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