Discover The Park

The Esplanade

The Esplanade extends for three miles along the Boston shore of the Charles River from the Boston Museum of Science to the Boston University Bridge. Its landscape is as colorful as its history, and here you will be able to learn more about both.

The Park History link to the left offers background on what is one of the oldest, most fascinating parks in America today. Things to See & Do offers information on interesting park features and activities. The Getting There link will help you pinpoint specific landmarks, locate footbridges, and find your way around the Esplanade. Amenities provides information on the locations of park bathrooms and water fountains.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ, frequently asked questions page or contact us.


  • Healthy, Fit & Fun

    Healthy, Fit & Fun classes will begin July 7th and will be held every week, Monday through Thursday, until mid-September.

  • July 4th Update!

    We are seeking volunteers to help out at our Esplanade Summer Dock Party on Thursday, July 17th.

  • A Special Gift for Dad

    This Father’s Day surprise your dad by having flowers planted on the Charles River Esplanade in his honor.

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