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Esplanade Holiday Tree

On Friday, December 12th, the Esplanade Association, in partnership with the Mass Department of Conservation and Recreation, will introduce a holiday tree on the Charles River Esplanade. The tree has been generously donated by Valley Crest construction, who has been working since October on the Hatch Shell Oval Restoration Project.

The 16ft evergreen tree will be draped in lights and placed on the Hatch Shell Oval for the coming weeks to celebrate the holiday season. The lighting of the tree is possible for the first time thanks to the new electrical conduits that were installed this fall as part of the Oval Restoration Project.

In addition to the electrical conduits, new drainage and irrigation systems have been added to the  Oval and the previously compacted soil has been amended with special nutrients which will help to improve the permeability of the lawn.  Due to the winter weather, construction will be paused for the coming months and will resume this spring, when Valley Crest will lay down newly grown sod on the revitalized Oval.

The holiday tree is a great way to bring some festive décor to the park while celebrating the recent improvements to the Hatch Shell Oval area. Park visitors will be welcome to view the tree from the pathway surrounding the Oval.  For safety reasons we ask that visitors continue to respect the temporary fencing around the project.

We hope that park visitors get a chance to view the Esplanade Holiday tree and look forward to opening the fully restored Hatch Shell Oval this spring.