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Mayerlin’s Volunteer Experience

My name is Mayerlin Valdez, I am eighteen years old and I am a senior at Fenway High School. At our school we have a career specialist her name is Shannon Carter. Ms. Carter works for Boston Private Industry Council, Ms. Carter is in charge of helping students find jobs and after school activities in the community. When she mentioned the Blue Cross Blue Shield internship program I then immediately applied for the Esplanade Associations internship position hoping to gain more skills and apply my own skills in the workplace. I got interviewed by Blue Cross Blue Shields staff and I got selected for this program based on my previous experiences with agricultural and horticulture. I was thrilled when I got hired for this position. My first official day of work was spent helping out at the Dartmouth Park, facilitating the activities that we set up for the ChiP (Children in the park program) that we run here at the Esplanade Association. It was extremely astonishing to see the children’s faces as they were so excited to start fishing, which in fact the children will never forget.