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We Have A New Tagline

Making Life Better on the Esplanade

The Esplanade Association officially announced our new tagline at this year’s Moondance Gala on September 20th.  After weeks of brainstorming, “Making Life Better on the Esplanade” was unanimously chosen  by a group of staff, board members, and park friends, as the new organization tagline.

The tagline emerged thanks in large part to Edward Boches, who volunteered his time and advertising expertise to help us get to the core of what our organization does and is.  If you are not familiar with Edward, he is a Professor of the Practice of Advertising at Boston University’s College of  Communications as well as the part-time Chief Innovation Officer  (formerly Chief Creative Officer and Chief Social Media Officer) at Mullen.

We are very excited to have a message that we feel represents our work and we are extremely grateful to all of the people who volunteered their time to help us.

If you want to understand more about why we chose “Making Life Better on the Esplanade” as our new tagline we think  this video says it perfectly.  This was produced by Paul Speziale with special thanks to John Shedler for contributing some of his own footage and again to Edward Boches for helping us to create the script.
View the video now on YouTube http://youtu.be/T54GAwHc0Gk.