TEA Urges Public to Speak Up About Esplanade Food Concession

November 30, 2012


Dear Friends,

The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) will be issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a vendor permit to operate the food concession at the Esplanade’s cafe near the Hatch Shell. If food service on the Esplanade is an amenity that matters to you, whether you’re an individual, community organization, business or school that uses the Esplanade, please communicate with the DCR about the type of food service and facility you want at the park. Some points that The Esplanade Association has urged the DCR to consider when constructing the RFP and evaluating the prospective operator include:

  • Better quality and more healthful food and beverage choices;
  • Reliability of service, including regular and consistent hours, days and seasons  of operation;
  • Enhanced food services such as catering (for example, school groups who plan an outing to the park or a corporate volunteer group that is helping at the park might wish to order box lunches);
  • Green approach to managing the operation, such as recycling, reduced use of materials that can’t be recycled, more efficient energy use; and
  • Improving the maintenance and attractiveness of the area surrounding the cafe.

We also urge the DCR to consider the installation of self-cleaning toilets at the cafe site until a better solution for this important amenity can be implemented. Coin or token operated units have worked well elsewhere in the city and would serve park visitors who use the cafe, the adjacent play space or are in the area to enjoy other park activities.

Better run food service and public toilets are important amenities that can enhance the experience of visitors to the Esplanade. Please share your thoughts about these amenities with DCR’s Director of Partnerships, Conrad Crawford, at Conrad.Crawford@state.ma.us.



Sylvia Salas
Executive Director
The Esplanade Association


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